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Today we have announced a new pricing structure for delivery of orders.

Postage costs have been steadily rising over the last few years and we have always tried to subsidise all postage costs as much as possible so we can give the best possible prices to our customers.

It is not a decision we have taken lightly but the average cost of a 1st class recorded delivery for 3 bottles of poppers is now £2.73.

We have taken the decision to continue with free delivery on all orders placed on the A1 poppers website. However, due to rising costs by Royal Mail we have had to switch to a standard delivery service such as 2nd or 1st class postage. Unfortunately with this method there is no way of claiming if any items go missing in the post.

We have introduced 2 new options where you can pay for recorded or secure delivery starting from just £1.95.

For our full table of charges please view our Postage charges page.



A1 Poppers, the UK’s widest selection of poppers.

Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011?

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew at any time you could pop off to use your male sex toy in between the adverts?

Well if you don’t already own one of he world famous vagina fleshlight then your out of look. Royal Mail are having a national holiday on the Friday so there will be no deliveries of poppers or sex toys this day :o(..

We are also closed for the bank holiday weekend but will be returning again on Tuesday 3rd May and it’s business as usual. We will be busy processing all of the orders from over the weekend and dispatching them on the same day.

Check our the UK’s widest selection of room aromas right here on A1 poppers.co.uk

What else is in store for you next week?? Well we also plan to release more information about the products that we sell, in perticular the personal lubricants, we will explain the difference between silicone lube and water based lube and when and where to use each of these popular products.




Fleshlight Review – Getting the best out of it…

Hi and welcome to our Fleshlight Review. Continue reading for some excellent advice and tip on how to use your fleshlight and how to get the best results from a fleshlight.

Firstly, you should know that over the last 2-3 years i’ve owned 5 fleshlights including Sex in a Can, Anal, Mouth and Vagina fleshlights. I personally think that once you have experienced the feeling of a fleshlight then you will love it. If you are one of the people I have met over the years that has never used one or would not never try it then just remember the saying, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”.

Right, onto the review and how to get the best out of your fleshlight, For the next part of this review I have created some simple images to show you exactly what I mean, these are just some hints and tips on how tow to use your fleshlight. You can of course use it how you wish and experiment with it as you wish but to get the best out of it you should really pay attention to the first part of my review, Preparing your fleshlight.

Preparing your Flehslight
So, anyone that has used a Fleshlight properly will tell you the same thing, if you use your fleshlight wrongly, and/or don’t prepare it properly your whole fleshlight experience will be ruined. My personal belief is the fleshlight is the best and closest feeling everto the real thing. It’s going to take something very very special to replace my fleshlights. The only thing in my eyes is a real person. Lets start by thinking logically, a fleshlight is trying stimulate and be used as an alternative to a person. The reason real people feel so good is all down to temperature. Normal body temp is about 37 °C (98 F) so when you have sexual contact whether it is oral, vaginal or anal then you can expect a nice temperature. So firstly you ned to ensure the temp is good. If the temp is wrong then your experience will be poor.  Next we also need some extra tools to ensure the feeling is bliss, for this we need some lubricant. When selecting lube always make sure you use Water Based Lube when using your fleshlight.

So how do we sort out the temp of the fleshlight?

You will need a quite private area where you can’t be disturbed for a while. Your fleshlight is going to be cold so we should be warming up the fleshlight.  First we need a sink.


Turn on hot water and fill up the sink, if you have one of them boilers that produce scalding or boiling water then you will need to add some cold water. If the water is to hot it can melt the fleshlight insert. So, do not use boiling water but ensure it is hot though.



Next, remove the insert from your fleshlight and place it in the sink submerging it under the water.  For this you might need a heavy object to place in the sink to hold the insert under the water as it can float to the top. 

TOP TIP: also, at this time put in the water your bottle/tube of lube, The sensation of warm lube is awesome. If you leave your lubricant cold then when you take your warm fleshlight out of the water and apply lube then it will cool down your fleshlight faster than you want.

fleshlight insert 

So now your fleshlight instert is soaking up the hot water and warming up nicely, you should leave your fleshlight in the hot water for about 10 minutes, If you can wait another 5 minutes my next top tip: By now the water will be more like luke warm and not hot. Let out the water and re-fill the sink with fresh hot water. and leave in the sink for another 5 minutes.

So, once we have done this your ready to roll. Remove your fleshlight from the sink and pop the insert back into the case. Remove the lube from the sink and apply lube to the fleshlight, insert a finger or two to ensure lube going into the insert fully. At this time you will 100% notice the differnece in feeling when putting your fingers in, Apply lubricant to your penis, you will feel the difference with warm lube immediately.

So, it’s at this point it becomes up to you on how to use your fleshlight.  Some people will then just use the fleshglith as if they were masturbating. Either lying down, sitting down, standing up and using your hand to move the fleshlight up and down the penis to masturbate.  Lot’s of people are now using fleshlights for stamina training. This means you can use the fleshlight to practice lasting longer when having sex. By this time you will now understand fully why the fleshlight is the worlds number one selling male sex toy and why it is the closest feeling to the real thing.

So, onto another helpful hint about how to use your fleshlight. It doesn’t matter if your using the fleshlight for stamina training to help you improve your sexual performance or increasing your masturbation experience. For a true feeling then you could try to place the fleshlight in between 2 pillows on your bed, this way you can lie down as if you were having sex. As the fleshlight might still be wet and also have lube on there is a possibility that the bed might get wet so you can use towel to help with this.

The best way is to place a towel between 2 pillows before putting your fleshlight into the pillows. This method will stabilize your fleshlight when you are penetrating it. 

So there we have it, my guide on how to get the best out of your fleshlight. Obviously you can use the fleshlight many ways, each person will have there own preferred method on how to use the fleshlight but one this is guaranteed, if you follow the instructions above and warm up your fleshlights properly then I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Are you looking to purchase a Fleshlight?  We have the uk’s cheapest fleshlights and cheapest male sex toys.  

Fleshlights: £29.99

Fleshjack – £29.99

Vagina fleshlight

Oral mouth fleshlight


I’m often asked if I have ever tried the products we sell from our websites, especially products like the male sex toys, fleshlights, well of course I have tried the fleshlights, and I highly recommend them to every male out there.

I personally think it’s a must have product for all men.

I get mixed reactions from approving to disgusted, some people think that men should not use toys like fleshlights, some people are to scared what other people will think if they use or try a toy like this. why? we are all the same, all men masturbate, why not enhance the experience (a lot) by trying one a fleshlight?  It’s OK for women to use a vibrator to masturbate with so why can’t men?

It’s not difficult now to hide away a product like the fleshlight so people don’t know what it is. They come in a hard plastic case shaped like a torch/flash light, although quite bulky they can still easily be hidden out of the way from disapproving eyes.

Why do people use fleshlights?
Ultimately fleshlights are a male sex toy. Take away the glossy advertising, take away the nice marketing and your left with a sex toy for men 🙂

As mentioned above, all men masturbate, it’s a fact, any man that tells you they don’t have a quick tug is a liar (and a wanker lol).  A fleshlight is used to enhance the feeling and to add a new dimension to masturbation.

If used correctly fleshlights can also be used for sexual performance training. What does that mean I hear you say, well if you do not have sexual intercourse very often or if you have never had sexual intercourse before and if you suffer from premature ejaculation the fleshlight can be used for stamina training. To help you overcome and to last longer when it comes to actually having sex.

How is that possible I hear you asking now… Well continue reading and you will find out…

The benefits of a fleshlight
I have briefly mentioned above that fleshlights are primarily used for male masturbation.

There is no feeling quite like a blowjob or the feeling you get when having sex, the warm soft feeling on the penis is a difficult to match. But wait… the introduction of the fleshlight has now changed this. You can now get that same wet, warm luxury feeling from a fleshlight. Just try one for yourself!!.. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

UK’s cheapest Fleshlight

We are just one of hundreds are companies that sell fleshlights. A quick search in google returns nearly 2 million results for the term “flehslight“. What makes us different is we sell the UK’s cheapest fleshlight. It’s our price promise and we stick to our promises.

Fleshlight Mouth £29.99 including postage & a free sample of lube.

We are so confident that we are the UK’s lowest price fleshlight that we have even compared our fleshlight prices with other websites and listed their selling prices and a link to there website.  We 100% have the UK’s cheapest fleshlight.

Want to know how to use your fleshlight to get the best out of it? check back within the next few days to read our next fleshlight experience hints and tips.

UK’s lowest price poppers

Ever been looking for a product and found what you think is a very good price, only to find the price has been deliberately made to look cheap by removing any VAT or postage charges?

How annoying is that!!!  99% of the time, once you have worked out the real cost including VAT and postage it’s more likely that the “cheap price” you have found isn’t actually that cheap but more expensive than most other sellers.

That’s why we have introduced our “good, low, honest pricing”  The price you see is the price you pay.

Nobody likes nasty surprises when they get to the till, neither do we. That’s why we introduced our pricing structure. Our prices include postage and any VAT if applicable.

Heres a great example..

One of our competitors are advertising liquid gold at a very low price of just £2.90!!!! That’s ridiculous but lets take a closer look at how misleading this really is.

Totp Price

  1. Liquid Gold: £2.90
  2. Postage: £1.80
  3. VAT: £0.94
  4. Total: £5.64

A1 Poppers Price

  1. Liquid Gold poppers: £4.99
  2. Postage: included
  3. VAT: na
  4. Total: £4.99

Don’t forget, we also offer a buy 3 get 1 free! Simply add 4 items to your shopping cart and we will give you the cheapest item FREE.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation. There are many toys available, vibrating and non vibrating.

The Prostate Gland is also known as the Male G-Spot, by stimulating the prostate gland you can easily achieve orgasm a lot quicker. The prostate gland can be reached by anal intercourse or by using anal sex toys like the Rude Boy.

In recent years prostate massages have become increasingly popular not only with single men but with couples, men experience much higher levels of pleasure when the prostate gland is penetrated.

Some people prefer to use the easiest and cheapest method of stimulating the gland, “The Finger”.  Although the finger can be a popular method using the finger also has downsides. Obviously to massage the prostate gland you need to access the rectum through the anus. The lining can easily be damaged by nails. Also, because of the bacteria found in the rectum infections can easily be passed if there are any cuts / wounds on the fingers. Cleaning of the hands and fingers is very important, it’s harder to clean your fingers and under nails etc than it is to clean sex toys.

When using a sex toy for prostate massage it is advised to wear condoms. All toys should be cleaned after use but, ensure extra care and cleaning is taken when using any anal sex toys without condoms.

And lastly, whichever method you use, finger or anal sex toy, You will need to make sure you have plenty of personal lubricant. Remember, always use water based lube when using sex toys, silicone based lube can be used when using fingers and intercourse.

Keep checking back, we will shortly be writing some more information on lubricants. There are lots of different types of lubes but do you know the difference? Water based, Silicone based, hot, cold, flavoured..

Sex toys for men: Masturbators

Looking for information on sex toys for men?

If you are you have come to the right place. This is our Male Masturbators information page.

Masturbation is for many men something that happens daily, slang names or nicknames for masturbation include, wank (wanking), jacking off, tossing (toss off), knocking one out, 5 knuckle shuffle, tug (tuggin), This list is tiny compared to the many phrases that people use, the point is it doesn’t matter what you call it, EVERY male masturbates, if they say they don’t then they are lying.

So what exactly is a masturbator?

A masturbator is a device / product used to aid with masturbation. From a man’s point of view masturbating can become boring, for most men it’s usually the same old routine each time you masturbate.

Many men find they might masturbate more if they are not sexually active, whether or not you are sexually active it’s time to stop the same old routine and introduce some excitement into your personal time.

The best selling male masturbators on sale today are very discreet. They are designed to be hidden away from preying eyes. Some are even shaped light flashlights, (torches) and other devices so they can be kept without anybody asking any unwanted embarrassing questions. With this in mind there is is no excuse for not indulging into the world of male masturbators.

How do you use a masturbator?

It really depends on what type of masturbator you have but the concept behind masturbators is to aid masturbation, in addition to helping you masturbate most sextoys for men are now designed to make the whole experience more pleasurable. Obviously you could never replace the real deal but masturbators these days are so realistic and feel so good that most men that use these products don’t actually masturbate without them any more.

The most popular masturbators are made of silicone type material housed in a plastic casing. The penis is inserted into the device and can give the feel of a real vagina. The masturbator can be moved up and down the same as if you were masturbating until you ejaculate. The good news is, all of the best selling products can be cleaned easily.

Keep checking back as we will be writing a short review on how to get the best results out of your fleshlight / male sextoy.

What’s the best masturbator?

It’s difficult to give answers because all men are different. For me, the best massagers are the ones that actually do what they say on the tin. Real feeling products that actually make you want to use the product again.

We recommend the fleshlight type masturbators, available from our website A1 poppers. Results from using masturbators can be significantly increased if you use products like lube to boost the realistic feeling.

In our next review we will give you hints and tips on how to get the best results from your fleshlight,

For many years women have always been very open with each other about sex toys and the use of them. They’d frequently discuss how many toys they own, where they purchased them from, what it does and exactly how good it is. They would recommend sex toys and back in the early days all the talk focussed around the number one selling Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers.

Sex toy and Lingerie parties hosted by Ann Summers let women explore the different products, discuss sextoys and generally share experiences with sex toys. It seems to be widely accepted that the majority of women own a sex toy of some kind and it is not even thought of that a man could own a sex toy, … or is it?

Times change, life changes and over the last few years sex toys for men have become very popular, gone are the days of a small selection of penis pumps and creams but a whole new selection of sex toys including anal & prostate massager’s are now available for men.

The most popular sextoys for men are not limited to but include the following sex toys:

  • Personal Masturbators
  • Masturbation Creams
  • Anal Sex toys
  • Prostate Massager’s
  • Personal Lubricants

Over the next few weeks A1 Poppers are going to be posting reviews and information relating to male sex toys. In-depth reviews of certain products available from the above categories including tips and advice on how to get the best from your sex toys.

We are starting with Personal Masturbators.

Personal Masturbators.


We only sell Room aromas and room odorisers to be used as aphrodisiacs. The misuse of these products can seriously damage your health and can possible lead to death.

We have gathered some facts and information about poppers so you are fully aware of the dangers of misusing these products.

  • Side effects can include feeling sick, faint and weak. Especially if taken while dancing.
  • Trouble getting an erection after sniffing poppers has been reported.
  • Inhaling directly can lead to extreme headaches.
  • Some people get a rash around their mouth.
  • Poppers are toxic, Swallowing poppers can lead to death.
  • Taking poppers is a dangerous idea for anyone with chest or heart problems, anaemia or glaucoma (an eye disease).
  • It’s not advisable to take poppers if you’re on medication to reduce your blood pressure or taking Viagra, as it can cause your blood pressure to drop to a dangerous level.
  • Poppers can burn your skin on contact.
  • They’re highly flammable.

Why do people misuse poppers?

There are several reasons why people might miss use the product, below are a few reasons.

  • An initial head rush that lasts a couple of minutes.
  • Sniffing poppers during sex can make orgasms feel like they last longer. And some people say it enhances their erections.
  • May help relax anal sphincter muscles.
  • Sniffing poppers during Masturbation can greatly intensify your orgasm and feel like it lasts a lot longer.

Absolute NO NOs with poppers…

There is no safe misuse of poppers but a bigger chance of damaging your health if you do not pay attention to these warnings.

  • Do not swallow poppers ever, they are toxic and can lead to death.
  • Do not use poppers if you have taken other drugs including but not limited to cocaine, (charlie, coke, snow), speed, ecstasy, Crystal meth. These types of drugs put a massive strain on the heart, taking poppers increases that strain even more.
  • Viagra or Kamagra, both of these drugs are used by men with erection problems, these drugs affect your blood pressure, if you sniff poppers while taking viagra or kamagra type drugs it will cause a sudden drop in blood pressure and can be fatal.
  • Keep away from flames. Highly flammable liquid, nitrites are used by some army and naval sections as an ignition for missiles. Like petrol, nitrites are highly flammable.
  • Nearly all deaths reported that have involved the use of poppers have been caused by a direct result of drug misuse and combinations of sniffing poppers while taking cocaine, viagra type drugs.

If you would like any further information on the dangers of misusing poppers please use our contact form.


Poppers is the street name for Room odorisers / room aromas when they are being misused.

Room aromas are sold as an aphrodisiac, the intended and sold solely for this use. Other websites sell similar products and class them as Leather cleaner.

I have seen many posts and information over the years referring to the slang or street names for poppers as  TNT, Liquid Gold, rush, these are not real street names for poppers, Poppers is the street name / slang for the nitrite based products, the other names above have just been made up in an attempt to market the products and make them products more popular.

How to use Room Aromas:

Room aromas are an aphrodisiac, the best way to use them is to remove the top of the bottle and leave the bottle open in a room with good ventilation. The aromas from the bottle will be released into the air. The scent and odour given off will act as an aphrodisiac.

But your website is called A1 Poppers?

Although these products are room aromas we realise that the vast majority of  people searching for these products will be searching for the keywords including poppers.  Use the name A1 Poppers purely for marketing and promotion of the website.  We only sell room aromas to be used as aromas, we do not condone or sell these products if you intend to misuse them.

Inhaling them directly from the bottle is very dangerous and can cause death.