Quick Silver

Quick Silver poppers update.

We recently informed everyone that there was some Quick Silver Poppers available on GotPoppers. This is the old style formula and stock was very low and limited. At the time we reported that there was about 65 bottles left. As of this morning this figure was down to 42.

Remember, once the remaining stock has all gone you won’t be able to get any more.

There are 2 brands available, click on the following products for availability.

Quick Silver or Jungle Juice Plus.


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We now have a dedicated facebook page.

If you are happy with our service and products please click on the like button and visit us on Facebook.
People that like us on facebook might be entitled to special discounts.

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Rude Boy

Rude Boy

This weeks “offer of the week” is the best selling prostate massager from Rocks Off called the “Rude Boy“.

The RRP is £40 and the rude boy can be found on many websites usually between £33-£40. Some websites offering free delivery as you pay up to £40 for the vibrating anal sex toy.

The rude boy can be used by both men and women. We advise you to use a good quality lubricant with this product.

Looking for original poppers?

There are now a very small amount of original poppers available to purchase from the got poppers website. It’s not very often you will find products like these. They are no longer available in the UK and once sold will no longer be available again so you will need to act quickly and purchase them, when I checked last there was just 55 bottles of quick silver and just 14 bottles of jungle juice plus left.

The situation is simple, if you do not act quickly you will miss out.

You will not be able to purchase these products in the UK again, this is a once time offer.

Once these remaining items have been sold there sold, don’t say we haven’t warned you!.. Buy now before it’s to late.

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how to masturbate. Along with the rest of the male population 75% of you reading this page will have masturbated within the last 24hours and the other 25% will be wanking within the next few hours lol..

Every male does it, every male figures out before long how they like it best and how to make it more enjoyable. Like everything, masturbation becomes boring if you continue to masturbate the same way all of the time.

It will eventually lead to less enjoyable & quicker masturbation as you will find yourself doing it as quickly as you can just to get it over and done with. Hands up who agrees with me so far? Well it’s time to change a little. It’s time to introduce something else to your window of pleasure.

Lube – Personal lubricant.

Introducing lube to masturbation is one way to change the feeling. Were used to feeling our manhood with our hands while masturbating so the addition of lubricant brings a whole new feeling. Spice it up a little, try using warming lube or cooling lube. You can also read our blog on which lube to use.

Talking about lube brings me on nicely to our next way to help spice up your five knuckle shuffle. From the makers of lube we seen the introduction of masturbation cream, probably the most popular is the Stroke 29 & Jack Jelly cream from Empowered Products. Both products (Jack Jelly is my fav) are hugely popular and because they are masturbation creams they have a thicker texture for a more enjoyable experience.

Sex Toys – Fleshlight. Introduce a sex toy to your self love time. A wide range of sex toys for men are available and you don’t have to spend fortunes. I guarantee once you have tried some of these sex toys your masturbation will never be the same again.

Change from the norm

Change from the norm means to just do something different. Something quite simple like changing hands. Try it tonight and see how you get one. Most of us will probably already do something like this anyway, even if it means switching hands for a short time during your session. And this leads me onto a great little bit of advice. An easy tip that some of you will already be doing but until recently I never did but I will certainly be trying it again. Simple watch yourself!.. It’s true.. but don’t just look down, stand up and kneel down and use a mirror; position the mirror in front of you at a slight angle so it looks like you are looking at someone else. It’s tempting to switch back and look down but I urge you not to, keep looking through the mirror until your have finished…. :o)

Enjoy… It’s nearly time for me to release the next weekly offer!!

We are pleased to inform all our customers that our payment processor has finally updated our account. We are now able to show take payment using VISA and Mastercard using the 3D secure technology.

This is excellent news for both A1 Poppers and our customers.

What does this mean?

For our customers it means the payment method selection has been increased.  You can now make payment using the following card types.


As soon as we add more payment methods we will let you know. You will also need to be registered in the relevant schemes to use your card for making purchases.

What it means for us… 3D secure was introduced by the credit card industry in an attempt to combat fraudulent card transactions. Over recent years credit card fraud has increased massively. This increase in fraud hasn’t been the sort of fraud most people think of. Most people associate credit card fraud with stolen credit/debit cards but recent years has seen fraud involving the genuine card holder.

For any business trading on the Internet or in any environment where the “customer not present” is risky, there is no safety net for business, support from credit card companies and payment processors is non existent. Transactions where the customer is not present means there is no chip and pin. If the customer disputes the transaction then the company ultimately loses any payment for that transaction and has to take steps to recover any money lost through insurance or the legal system, these are not normally cost effective routes to take.

Many people are realising this and are making lots of purchases, once they have the goods they are then going back to the card issuers and claiming they did not make any of the purchases. The card issuer then raises a chargeback to the company and the company has the money for them transactions taken from them. There is an opportunity for companies to dispute the chargeback, i.e. confirmation of delivery with signature to the registered address. but even with this concrete evidence as long as the cardholder continues to dispute the transaction the card issuer will refund the card holder and take the funds from the company. This was the card issuer does not lose out anywhere. Only the companies do.

In an effort to stop this type of credit/debit card fraud the card companies introduced the “3D Secure” & the “Verified by Visa” schemes. These scheme have been welcomed by businesses. This scheme means the customer has to be enrolled in the scheme to use there cards for online purchases. An account is created by the issuer and the card holder creates a user name and password. When making payment the card holder has to enter these details. Without them the transaction fails. By filling in the details and entering the correct password it cuts down fraudulent chargebacks.

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We are planning to increase our sex toy for men range over the next few days. Having seen a good response to our small sex toy range  we have decided to increase the Rocks Off range to include naughty boy and the bad boy.

First we introduced the rude boy for an unbelievable price of just £28.99. The cheapest Rude Boy in the UK!!!. Guaranteed!! We will guarantee that the new products we will be adding will also be the lowest possible prices.

A1 Poppers are excited to introduce new Weekly Offer promotions.

Starting with our very first promotion, Uranium Extra Strong, down from £6.99 to just £3.75. This huge saving of almost 50% does not stop there, the uranium extra strong is also included in our buy 3 get 1 free. Simply purchase any 4 products from our website you will get the cheapest item FREE.

offer of the week

offer of the week

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Now back in stock, Blue Boy Poppers from A1 Poppers.


Blue boy poppers
Blue boy poppers

Imported from France in 13ml bottles the Blue Boy poppers sold out within a week of being listed. We now have more Blue boy back in stock and it is still priced at just £5.99.

Poppers from France
I like the poppers from France. Firstly the aroma formula’s seem to be more mellow, secondly, the bottles used are smaller and more lightweight than the 10ml bottles. Strange considering there is 13mls inside.

Maybe you should try some Blue Boy