We are pleased to announce we have now finished updating our website structure for the immediate future. Unless we have a major overhaul the website category structure will remain as it is underneath the sex toys for men.

Today we have seen the introduction of 5 new categories, 4 of these are new sub categories named and containing:

We have been busy tonight making the changes to existing products and putting them into the right categories.

After careful consideration we have added the above sub categories due to the increasing product ranges. The new structure will allow for any new categories and sections to be added alongside the above sections on our male sex toy page.

Although we do have a few normal sex toys for woman we have no current plans to increase this product range; therefore this product structure will remain unchanged for now.

We have now added a limited selection of the popular PINK lubes.

We have managed to purchase a small amount at a low cost so we have passed on these savings to our customers.

Check out our range of personal lubricant on the A1 poppers website today.

Our pink lube selection includes the Frolic, this is especially designed to be used with sex toys. The Frolic lube contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties making this product one of the safest products available to use with sextoys.

We also have limited stock of the other empowered lubricants including, HOT pink warming lube,  PINK water, the popular water based lubricant that is condom safe. And of course not forgetting the best selling number 1 silicone lube around at the moment. Great product when used for anal, you will not be disappointed. The PINK silicone lube is available in 2 sizes including a 4oz glass bottle (PINK silicone lube). The gorgeous glass bottle will not look out of place on any dressing table.



Free poppers

Many thanks to the first 10 customers that wrote a review for A1 Poppers on our new partnew review site Trust pilot.

Our review page, http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/www.a1poppers.co.uk now has 11 reviews and is being added to each week.

As part of our push to generate some reviews we offered a free bottle of poppers to the first 10 reviewers. The 10 free bottles have been sent out today. (Monday 27th June) so there will be 10 very happy customers over the next few days once they arrive.

Also, you should be aware that we are continuing with our free poppers for anyone that writes a review on A1 poppers on the trust pilot website. For every 10 reviews we will pick one at random and send a free bottle of poppers out to that lucky customer/reviewer.

Also, once we hit 100 reviews (if we do) we are going to give away a fleshlight to a lucky customers picked at random.


You can now get a huge 12% discount by visiting our poppers facebook page and clicking on the like button.

Once you have clicked on the like button you should check out the links on the left hand side. There is a link called discount codes.

This page will give you the discount code to enter into the website when placing your order. It his currently set at 12% discount but can change on a weekly / monthly basis so you will need to be quick.

The main reason we change the code and the amount every few weeks is to keep people interested. Also, we want people that click on the like button to genuinely like the page and be a massive fan of poppers.

We want it to be in the interest of everyone to keep liking the page forever. Our first target is 25 likes. Although this is a pretty small number of people this is a very new facebook page and not everyone wants everyone on there friends list to see they “like” poppers.

I suggest that when you click on the “like” button for our facebook page you can either visit your profile page and remove the news post or maybe just click on the custom button so only you can see anything related to the poppers group.



RUSH poppers

Well another week means another great deal.

This week we are promoting the fact that you can now purchase RUSH aroma again in the UK after several months due to the company in the USA going bump. RUSH poppers have look been on of the best selling poppers not only in the UK but worldwide.

The RUSH brand was distributed by PWD (Pac West Distribution) in the USA. PWD was the distributors of several brands including RUSH, Quick Silver, Jungle Juice, and more…

In 2010 the PWD brand seen the end of an era when the owner of PWD reportedly committed suicide and as a direct result the company was closed down following raids from the police and authorities after reportedly selling Poppers without the correct authority. The brand name and trademark was purchased by a European company and the RUSH brand is now being sold again.

We know the RUSH brand is liked and welcomed by everyone so we have added RUSH poppers to our offer of the week for this week. For the next 7 days you can now purchase 3 bottles of RUSH Poppers for just £10.99 instead of £15.75.


RUSH poppers


Trust pilot

We are pleased to announce that we have recently signed up to the TrustPilot Review scheme.

TrustPilot is a business service that helps to built trust by allowing customers to share their shopping experience. Customers are invited to write a review about A1 Poppers


In return we are giving away free poppers.

Reviews of a1poppers.co.uk



This is how our free poppers offer works. The first 10 people to write a review about A1 Poppers on Trust Pilot will all be sent a bottle of poppers absolutely free. For every 10 reviews after the first 10 we will randomly pick 1 person and send them a free bottle of poppers.

If we make it to 100 reviews then we will randomly give away a free oral fleshlight to one lucky reviewer.

Have fun, you can check out our A1 poppers reviews here.



Titus extra strongSave up to 25% with this weeks special off on poppers. Titus Extra strong normally sells for £4.99. For this week only the Titus extra strong features in our offer of the week. With the unique purple and black bottle with purple logo. titus extra strong aroma is made for men.

So, if your looking to save money, looking to buy poppers in the UK and want to save money then A1 poppers is the UK’s only place to buy your room aromas.

Well it’s a quiet day as I write this blog from my mobile phone live from download festival in nottingham.

Gun oil lubricant is now available on the a1 poppers website.

We now have both the gun oil silicone lube available in 2 & 4oz bottles. We also have the popular gun oil water based lubricant in stock and also available in 2 & 4oz bottles.

Just for the normal people that still work in mls the 2oz bottles are approximately 59ml & the 4oz are approximately 118mls.

Gun oil lubricant from empowered products have long been one of the most popular lubes around. If you haven’t tried these lubes then you really should ad you will see first hand just why the gun oil range is so popular.

If you have never tried gun oil lube then your in luck. Shortly we will be giving away a free sample with every order placed on the a1 poppers website.

Will will have noticed that we have been working on the A1 Poppers website today.

We have added some new categories and also changed some categories around slightly.

We have done this because we are increasing our product ranges and some of the products were more suited for other categories and sections of our website. We have changed our Boys Toys sections, it has been renamed and is now called Sex toys for men. You can still access the same section through the same boys toys URL as before.

We have now added a general Sex Toys section. The new section will include general sex toys and products for women.

You will also notice new products being added today and will continue over the next few days. Do day the Rocks off Sex Toys range has been added.

Please take 5 minutes to view the poppers website and see the exciting new products we have added. They include the Bad boy, Naughty boy, Rudy rings, ramsey rabbit, the lick, Ass berrie and more products are being added over the next few days.

Available in 2 different sizes the FIST poppers named after the infamous London club.

FIST poppersA super strong popper is not for the faint hearted. A massive 25ml bottle will last a long time but fist poppers are also available in a smaller 10ml bottle. Fist poppers come with childproof caps and are sealed to stop leakages.