New products, especially sex toys and sex toys for men. This week we have added a new Vibrating cockring called the Screaming O.

Once size fits all with the screaming-o vibrating cockring, no need to go searching for batteries either as the screaming o comes complete with batteries.

The screaming o has been a huge success since it’s launch a number of years ago. It is the best selling vibrating cock ring in the world boasting over 60 million world wide screaming Orgasms.

With over 30 minutes of hard vibrations it will last more than 50% longer than other vibrating penis rings.

Containing lots of pleasure knobs the super soft and stretchy medical grade silicone ring will ensure you and your partner receive greater levels of satisfaction. All at a price you can afford. Buy now for under £3.50


Hot G Lover Hot G Vibe

Hot G Lover Hot G Vibe

This week we have introduced a new special offer that should not only save you some cash but will also have your partner screaming with pleasure also!!..

The Hot G Lover is a multifunctional sex toy, this small vibrating cock ring offers several functions including clit stim, finger stim, anal tickler, g spot vibrator, cock ring, vibrating cock ring. The Hot G Lover is water resistant and toxic free.


How does it differ from the Hot G Vibe?  well technically it doesn’t. It is exactly the same product under the packaging. The product is just marketed in different countries. In the UK and Europe the Hot G Lover is sent out, in the USA and canada the Hot G Vibe is sent. It’s quite simple really. They are both the same product.

Having said that the hot g lover actually comes with more freebies in terms of free lube and condoms with spare batteries!!..


grab a bargain, grab the Hot G Lover.




Well it’s almost over so you need to be quick to take advantage of this weeks 5% discount offer.

Last week we reduced every single price on our website A1 Poppers by 5%. We still left in place the


This amazing offer has been running since last Sunday, all offers run for just 7 days. This Sunday at Midnight we will be increasing all of our prices again by 5% and introducing a brand new offer of the week.

We are also toying with the idea of changing our offer of the week to just Offers! and leaving the offers to run for up to 3 weeks before changing them. This is based on customer feedback as some customers have missed out on certain offers due to holidays etc and have been unable to place orders and take advantage of our fantastic poppers offers.

Feedback is important to us so next weeks newsletter sent out by email will contain a link to a short survey or poll requesting 2 minutes or 30 seconds of your time to let us know what you would prefer.

Keep checking back for more poppers news. We have the cheapest Liquid gold, RUSH aromas, Titus, uranium, Jolt, Amsterdam xxx poppers and many more.

If you have seen our site before or are an existing customer you might have seen or noticed the new category structure we have introduced recently.

We have taken a single sex toy for men category and split it into several sub categories. including prostate massagers.

One of the new products we have added in this category is the huge aneros progasm.  

The progasm is the newest member of of aneros family. It is also the biggest. The quote on the packaging sums the size of the progasm up. It simply says ” Have Courage”….

The progasm is available in white, red & blue but stock is limited as the aneros sex toys we have are part of a stock clearance, hence the bargain prices on this male sex toy.

Another offer of the week see’s the popular FIST poppers in a smaller 10ml bottle on offer for just £4.00 a bottle.

The 25ml bottle of FIST has long been a best seller on the A1 poppers website. The larger 25ml bottles offers excellent value for money. Priced at just £5.99.

Check out our sex toy news pages for the latest news on new products added over the last few days.