A1 Poppers have recently added the world famous poppers brand Jungle Juice Platinum to it’s ever growing range of room aromas.

A1 Poppers boasts the UK’s largest selection of poppers with some products imported especially for the market looking for stronger poppers.

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Popular nitro aroma is now available to purchase from A1 Poppers.

Nitro supra aromas

Nitro supra aromas


Usually this product is only available from countries like USA & Canada but we have been able to get some of the new European version of Nitro and will be selling this product from this week and all pre-orders will be processed on Thursday. Any orders for Nitro after dispatch should be received by customers before or over the weekend.

A1 poppers is the UK’s number 1 adult shopping store for sex toys and poppers.


Welcome to the end of another week and welcome some great news from A1 Poppers,  The UK’s premier online adult shopping website for all your room aromas, sex toy and lubricants including the famous oral fleshlight sex toy for men for under £30.

What is this great news A1 has to share with you all! Well keep reading and i’ll tell you, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Taiwan Blue

Does the name taiwan blue ring any bells? have you ever heard of a product called taiwan blue before? You might have found taiwan blue on the internet or seen it for sale in one of many adult shops in the USA or Canada.

Taiwan blue is one of the original aromas dating back many years, it has been a massive hit not only in the USA & Canada but also as far as Australia where it is claimed to be one of the best selling aromas brands.

We are happy to report you can now purchase this great product direct from the UK. The website LoveBody is currently selling the Taiwan blue along with 3 other brands of aromas. It is reported that the new EU formula contained within new aromas is very similar to the older style aromas and have been getting some excellent feedback.  If you purchase Taiwan Blue please let us know what you think about the product and if the product is as “strong” as people claim it to be.



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Voltage Aromas

Voltage Aromas

You cant get cheaper than a voltage aroma!!.. Check out our new Voltage Aromas 3 Pack.

Amazing £9 for 3 bottles of aromas. It makes you wonder just how we can sell these aromas so cheaply!.. this is wholesale prices for some of our aromas!!..

Erotica 2011

World Niche Products is proud to announce we will be exhibiting at this years Erotica 2011 for the first time.

We are busy preparing for the show. Our stand location is B34. You are welcome to come and see visit our stand but please don’t expect to see to many aromas on show as we are mainly selling a range of Lingerie, dancewear and sex toys.

World Niche have recently purchased the domains for that sex shop and Lap Dancing clothes. Although both websites are currently up and taking orders we will be re-designing them and re-launching them at the Erotica 2011 show.

As we prepare for the UK’s biggest and only yearly show we can give you a sneak preview at our new banners that have arrived for the show.

Erotica Banners