Many thanks to everyone that has been along to our review partner, Trust Pilot and left a review for us.

As off 14 November, so far we have had 30 reviews and are currently rated in position 3 out of 45 in the Sex Toys category on the review website.

As we strive to achieve higher rankings and endeavour to increase the reviews will shortly be introducing a new incentive scheme where we will be giving away a free bottle of poppers for every review we receive.

That’s right, a free bottle of room aromas for every review left for us on the trust pilot website.

How will this work?

Each time you place an order on the A1 poppers website you are emailed a second email containing information on how to leave a review for us.  Simply visit the trust pilot website and leave your review. Once you have left the review we request that you inform us using the contact button on our website. Once we have confirmed your review we will in return issue you with a offer code that can be redeemed on our website giving a discount of £5.00

You can then use this code to give you a discount of £5 off any orders placed on the A1 poppers website.