The popular aroma Blue Boy is now available from A1 Poppers.

Along with many other new products Blue boy is now available and is also on special offer including our most popular buy 4 pay for 3 offer. This means for every 4 items you add to your shopping cart the cost of the cheapest product will automatically be deducted from your total.

Blue Boy poppers

Blue Boy poppers

It may be important to note that many of our new strong new products that have been added over the last few weeks are currently going through a transition. This means these new products will all be getting new labels and new packaging. Please bear this in mind when you are placing order. The bottles may differ in design, the important thing to note is the content of the bottle are all the same. It is just the labels that will be changing. As soon as all of the labels have been updated we will be updating the images on our website. Eagle eyed customers will have already noticed the new labels on the Jungle Juice platinum , Plus, nitro and Amsterdam 30ml bottles have already been updated.

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Previously sold out products now back in stock include the popular Blue Boy, Jungle Juice Platinum, Nitro, RUSH, Manscent, Jungle Juice Plus.

Limited stock and new products to be added over the next few days will include, Eagle, Taiwan Blue, Hardware, Quicksilver, KIX.

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As many of you are aware the product Nitro Supra sold out within several days of launching it on our website.

We also sold out of several other products including the Jungle Juice Plus, Jungle Juice platinum and blue boy.

Well great news…. This week, (estimated wednesday) we are expecting a new delivery of Nitro Supra,and also we have ordered several other brands of poppers.

Please check out our website and stay tuned over the next few weeks as more new products continue to be added to our website.