RAM aromas

Again we have been slacking with our posts on the blog. I apologise for this.

If you would like to be kept update on a more regular basis then I would advise that everyone signs up to our newsletter. We send our a newsletter weekly containing all the latest news from A1 poppers. You will be given information about upcoming new products, website plans, new sections, new features, special offers and of course you will be the first to hear about any new products.

Last week in our newsletter we announced that we had added a new product to our growing product range. We added the RAM aroma.

RAM aromas


We also mentioned several weeks ago that we had introduced a new sections for the men. Our penis enlargement section has had several new products added over the last week including a full range of penis stretchers, and penis pumps.

You can now see a full range of pumps including the  x factor 12″ cylinder pump.