Well as per usual we have been neglecting our poppers blog. It’s been over four weeks since we last posted any news. This is why we encourage anyone that reads this blog to stay updated by signing up to our newsletters. The A1 poppers newsletters are sent out via email every 1-2 weeks and contains all the latest news. Here’s a great example of why you should sign up to the newsletter.

Two months ago we launched a new promotion each month with promotion offer codes. The month of September has a offer code that can be used for saving money on your orders throughout the month. There is now only 1 week left to use Septembers discount code (SEPT12) before it expires. We gave all subscribers to our email this code at the start of September. By signing up you will always be the first to hear about our latest offers and any new products.

So how do you sign up? Simples 😉 Visit our website www.a1poppers.co.uk and on the bottom of the page on the left hand side is a box where you can enter your email address to sign up.