From the makers of Titus and Xtreme aromas comes two brand new room aromas.

Nitro Extra Strong – comes in a 10ml bottle carrying a very bright and catching orange label. Be one of the first people to try the new Nitro aroma with our special introduction price.

O-Juice aroma – comes in a 22ml bottle with another bright yellow label.

These two new aromas will prove to be a big hit like the other aromas on offer from the same manufacturer. Don’t miss out.

We have also just received 2 more new aroma brands from one of our international suppliers.

We can confirm that we will shortly be adding both brands to our website. By doing so we are welcoming back an age olf classic GAZ and a new aromas called SLEEK.

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This week we have several new aromas arriving including the extra strong formula of Jungle Juice Black.

The jungle juice range of room aromas have long been at the front of the queue for popularity. This very famous room aroma has always been one of the best sellers. When Jungle Juice announced the new Jungle Juice Black extra strength formula there was an air of excitement around.

This week we have taken delivery of the new jjb and will shortly be dispatching any orders placed over the last few days.

Jungle Juice black comes in a super sized 30ml bottle to match it’s super strength.

Follow this link if you have a mobile device and would like to check out Jungle juice black.

It’s our pleasure to inform you that the KinK extra strong room aromas are now back in stock and available to purchase.

This is one of our most popular brands, hence selling out of this product. Rest assured we now have plenty in stock.

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A1 poppers is pleased to announce that we have added some of the new sex toys manufactured by the award winning Screaming O.

Screaming O have been producing a budget range of award winning adult products now for a number of years. First came the Screaming O vibrating cock ring, closely followed by some upgrades making this product thicker and better, this is called the screaming O plus.

But screaming O are not just recognised for there range of vibrating cock rings, They have been working on a number of other products and as a result we now have the O honey and the Ling-O.

O Honey
Made from soft silicone gel the o-honey is made up of small bobbly sensations for clitoral stimulation. Hold the O Honey with one finger keeping it in contact with the labia. This is made for solo use or for couples so you or your partner will soon be screaming O honey!

Feel the sensations of screaming O’s first vibrating tongue ring. Add a bit of extra excitement in the bedroom and to your oral sex. Long lasting up to 40 minutes the Ling O gives off powerful vibrations and will fit any size or shape tongue. For use by him or her.