Wow.. This is a blast from the past!.. Writing a post on this new blog seems very strange but we have decided we might as well start using this new blog again to post extra special news and press releases.

So what’s so special about today? The Black Friday Feeling is special… so special we have no released a special offer code giving our friends and customers up to 20% discount on any order placed over this weekend.

The offer ends on 1st December.

Don’t miss out… Order today.. See web site for details…. Poppers.

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Take advantage of a extra 13% discount on all room aromas, sex toys, stimulants!..

Any order placed during the month of August can use the offer code: AUG13 and will automatically qualify for a 13% discount. No restrictions and this code can be used multiple times.

Please share the code with anyone who may want to order during August.

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If you fancy getting yourself money off your purchases then check this out…

A1 poppers have launched there May discount code.


Check out the range of products at


Happy St. George’s Day!

We all know that St. George’s Day isn’t celebrated enough, but here’s your chance to celebrate!

ENGLISH room aroma 25ml only £5.25

Go on…be proud to be English!

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If you fancy a great deal, check this out…

A1 Poppers have now launched their April Discount Codes with unlimited uses per customer.

Code: APRA10

Check out the great ranges of products at including sex toys, lubricants and much more!

A1 Poppers is not available for UK customers. If you do live in the UK then please check out



Due to pressure from a number of our suppliers we have been forced to follow the trend of several other websites and remove the room aromas for sale from our website.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be updating our website including all sections and categories and removing the room aromas from sale. You will still be able to purchase sex toys and lubricant from A1 poppers but will need to buy any room aromas from our new website.

We have now launched our website for UK customers. Please do not order from A1 Poppers if you are in the UK. We have removed the option of UK delivery from our system.

You won’t be disappointed with our new UK website. Visit:  Room Aromas.

As part of our launch promotions we are offering several discounts throughout the month of December.

Enter the discount code : RA12 for a 15% discount off all orders with no minimum spend. Want more? Enter the offer code XMAS12 for any order over £25 and you will receive a 25% discount off your entire order.

These launch offers are running though out the month of December and can be used multiple times.




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We have recently added two new products to our ever increasing product range.

The new products come in a 10 and 12ml bottle and will only be in stock for a short period as a trial.

First up is the SLEEK aroma, available in a 10ml bottle this is the first time A1 have stocked the product. Introductory price of just £6, that’s a 25% saving.

The second aroma will be known to many of you as it is welcomed back for the first time in many years. Available in a 12ml bottle. The unmissable GAZ aroma.

This month you can also get an extra 8% discount by visiting our poppers facebook page. Click on the like button and share our page.

Exclusive discounts are available to our facebook and twitter followers.

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From the makers of Titus and Xtreme aromas comes two brand new room aromas.

Nitro Extra Strong – comes in a 10ml bottle carrying a very bright and catching orange label. Be one of the first people to try the new Nitro aroma with our special introduction price.

O-Juice aroma – comes in a 22ml bottle with another bright yellow label.

These two new aromas will prove to be a big hit like the other aromas on offer from the same manufacturer. Don’t miss out.

We have also just received 2 more new aroma brands from one of our international suppliers.

We can confirm that we will shortly be adding both brands to our website. By doing so we are welcoming back an age olf classic GAZ and a new aromas called SLEEK.

Keep reading our blog and check out our facebook page for the latest product news and discounts.

This week we have several new aromas arriving including the extra strong formula of Jungle Juice Black.

The jungle juice range of room aromas have long been at the front of the queue for popularity. This very famous room aroma has always been one of the best sellers. When Jungle Juice announced the new Jungle Juice Black extra strength formula there was an air of excitement around.

This week we have taken delivery of the new jjb and will shortly be dispatching any orders placed over the last few days.

Jungle Juice black comes in a super sized 30ml bottle to match it’s super strength.

Follow this link if you have a mobile device and would like to check out Jungle juice black.