Fleshlight Review – Getting the best out of it…

Hi and welcome to our Fleshlight Review. Continue reading for some excellent advice and tip on how to use your fleshlight and how to get the best results from a fleshlight.

Firstly, you should know that over the last 2-3 years i’ve owned 5 fleshlights including Sex in a Can, Anal, Mouth and Vagina fleshlights. I personally think that once you have experienced the feeling of a fleshlight then you will love it. If you are one of the people I have met over the years that has never used one or would not never try it then just remember the saying, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”.

Right, onto the review and how to get the best out of your fleshlight, For the next part of this review I have created some simple images to show you exactly what I mean, these are just some hints and tips on how tow to use your fleshlight. You can of course use it how you wish and experiment with it as you wish but to get the best out of it you should really pay attention to the first part of my review, Preparing your fleshlight.

Preparing your Flehslight
So, anyone that has used a Fleshlight properly will tell you the same thing, if you use your fleshlight wrongly, and/or don’t prepare it properly your whole fleshlight experience will be ruined. My personal belief is the fleshlight is the best and closest feeling everto the real thing. It’s going to take something very very special to replace my fleshlights. The only thing in my eyes is a real person. Lets start by thinking logically, a fleshlight is trying stimulate and be used as an alternative to a person. The reason real people feel so good is all down to temperature. Normal body temp is about 37 °C (98 F) so when you have sexual contact whether it is oral, vaginal or anal then you can expect a nice temperature. So firstly you ned to ensure the temp is good. If the temp is wrong then your experience will be poor.  Next we also need some extra tools to ensure the feeling is bliss, for this we need some lubricant. When selecting lube always make sure you use Water Based Lube when using your fleshlight.

So how do we sort out the temp of the fleshlight?

You will need a quite private area where you can’t be disturbed for a while. Your fleshlight is going to be cold so we should be warming up the fleshlight.  First we need a sink.


Turn on hot water and fill up the sink, if you have one of them boilers that produce scalding or boiling water then you will need to add some cold water. If the water is to hot it can melt the fleshlight insert. So, do not use boiling water but ensure it is hot though.



Next, remove the insert from your fleshlight and place it in the sink submerging it under the water.  For this you might need a heavy object to place in the sink to hold the insert under the water as it can float to the top. 

TOP TIP: also, at this time put in the water your bottle/tube of lube, The sensation of warm lube is awesome. If you leave your lubricant cold then when you take your warm fleshlight out of the water and apply lube then it will cool down your fleshlight faster than you want.

fleshlight insert 

So now your fleshlight instert is soaking up the hot water and warming up nicely, you should leave your fleshlight in the hot water for about 10 minutes, If you can wait another 5 minutes my next top tip: By now the water will be more like luke warm and not hot. Let out the water and re-fill the sink with fresh hot water. and leave in the sink for another 5 minutes.

So, once we have done this your ready to roll. Remove your fleshlight from the sink and pop the insert back into the case. Remove the lube from the sink and apply lube to the fleshlight, insert a finger or two to ensure lube going into the insert fully. At this time you will 100% notice the differnece in feeling when putting your fingers in, Apply lubricant to your penis, you will feel the difference with warm lube immediately.

So, it’s at this point it becomes up to you on how to use your fleshlight.  Some people will then just use the fleshglith as if they were masturbating. Either lying down, sitting down, standing up and using your hand to move the fleshlight up and down the penis to masturbate.  Lot’s of people are now using fleshlights for stamina training. This means you can use the fleshlight to practice lasting longer when having sex. By this time you will now understand fully why the fleshlight is the worlds number one selling male sex toy and why it is the closest feeling to the real thing.

So, onto another helpful hint about how to use your fleshlight. It doesn’t matter if your using the fleshlight for stamina training to help you improve your sexual performance or increasing your masturbation experience. For a true feeling then you could try to place the fleshlight in between 2 pillows on your bed, this way you can lie down as if you were having sex. As the fleshlight might still be wet and also have lube on there is a possibility that the bed might get wet so you can use towel to help with this.

The best way is to place a towel between 2 pillows before putting your fleshlight into the pillows. This method will stabilize your fleshlight when you are penetrating it. 

So there we have it, my guide on how to get the best out of your fleshlight. Obviously you can use the fleshlight many ways, each person will have there own preferred method on how to use the fleshlight but one this is guaranteed, if you follow the instructions above and warm up your fleshlights properly then I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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