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Masturbation is for many men something that happens daily, slang names or nicknames for masturbation include, wank (wanking), jacking off, tossing (toss off), knocking one out, 5 knuckle shuffle, tug (tuggin), This list is tiny compared to the many phrases that people use, the point is it doesn’t matter what you call it, EVERY male masturbates, if they say they don’t then they are lying.

So what exactly is a masturbator?

A masturbator is a device / product used to aid with masturbation. From a man’s point of view masturbating can become boring, for most men it’s usually the same old routine each time you masturbate.

Many men find they might masturbate more if they are not sexually active, whether or not you are sexually active it’s time to stop the same old routine and introduce some excitement into your personal time.

The best selling male masturbators on sale today are very discreet. They are designed to be hidden away from preying eyes. Some are even shaped light flashlights, (torches) and other devices so they can be kept without anybody asking any unwanted embarrassing questions. With this in mind there is is no excuse for not indulging into the world of male masturbators.

How do you use a masturbator?

It really depends on what type of masturbator you have but the concept behind masturbators is to aid masturbation, in addition to helping you masturbate most sextoys for men are now designed to make the whole experience more pleasurable. Obviously you could never replace the real deal but masturbators these days are so realistic and feel so good that most men that use these products don’t actually masturbate without them any more.

The most popular masturbators are made of silicone type material housed in a plastic casing. The penis is inserted into the device and can give the feel of a real vagina. The masturbator can be moved up and down the same as if you were masturbating until you ejaculate. The good news is, all of the best selling products can be cleaned easily.

Keep checking back as we will be writing a short review on how to get the best results out of your fleshlight / male sextoy.

What’s the best masturbator?

It’s difficult to give answers because all men are different. For me, the best massagers are the ones that actually do what they say on the tin. Real feeling products that actually make you want to use the product again.

We recommend the fleshlight type masturbators, available from our website A1 poppers. Results from using masturbators can be significantly increased if you use products like lube to boost the realistic feeling.

In our next review we will give you hints and tips on how to get the best results from your fleshlight,

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