I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how to masturbate. Along with the rest of the male population 75% of you reading this page will have masturbated within the last 24hours and the other 25% will be wanking within the next few hours lol..

Every male does it, every male figures out before long how they like it best and how to make it more enjoyable. Like everything, masturbation becomes boring if you continue to masturbate the same way all of the time.

It will eventually lead to less enjoyable & quicker masturbation as you will find yourself doing it as quickly as you can just to get it over and done with. Hands up who agrees with me so far? Well it’s time to change a little. It’s time to introduce something else to your window of pleasure.

Lube – Personal lubricant.

Introducing lube to masturbation is one way to change the feeling. Were used to feeling our manhood with our hands while masturbating so the addition of lubricant brings a whole new feeling. Spice it up a little, try using warming lube or cooling lube. You can also read our blog on which lube to use.

Talking about lube brings me on nicely to our next way to help spice up your five knuckle shuffle. From the makers of lube we seen the introduction of masturbation cream, probably the most popular is the Stroke 29 & Jack Jelly cream from Empowered Products. Both products (Jack Jelly is my fav) are hugely popular and because they are masturbation creams they have a thicker texture for a more enjoyable experience.

Sex Toys – Fleshlight. Introduce a sex toy to your self love time. A wide range of sex toys for men are available and you don’t have to spend fortunes. I guarantee once you have tried some of these sex toys your masturbation will never be the same again.

Change from the norm

Change from the norm means to just do something different. Something quite simple like changing hands. Try it tonight and see how you get one. Most of us will probably already do something like this anyway, even if it means switching hands for a short time during your session. And this leads me onto a great little bit of advice. An easy tip that some of you will already be doing but until recently I never did but I will certainly be trying it again. Simple watch yourself!.. It’s true.. but don’t just look down, stand up and kneel down and use a mirror; position the mirror in front of you at a slight angle so it looks like you are looking at someone else. It’s tempting to switch back and look down but I urge you not to, keep looking through the mirror until your have finished…. :o)

Enjoy… It’s nearly time for me to release the next weekly offer!!

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