Due to problems arising from the use of the phrase “poppers” many websites in the UK are being forced to remove the word or term poppers from there websites. This includes any domain names, i.e. www.A1Poppers.co.uk

As a result we will shortly be moving many of the products from this website and launching a brand new website called Room Aromas.

The A1 Poppers web site will still remain active for customers outside of the UK.

All UK customers will be directed to our new website. We are currently working on our new website. Watch this space!

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We have recently added two new products to our ever increasing product range.

The new products come in a 10 and 12ml bottle and will only be in stock for a short period as a trial.

First up is the SLEEK aroma, available in a 10ml bottle this is the first time A1 have stocked the product. Introductory price of just ¬£6, that’s a 25% saving.

The second aroma will be known to many of you as it is welcomed back for the first time in many years. Available in a 12ml bottle. The unmissable GAZ aroma.

This month you can also get an extra 8% discount by visiting our poppers facebook page. Click on the like button and share our page.

Exclusive discounts are available to our facebook and twitter followers.

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From the makers of Titus and Xtreme aromas comes two brand new room aromas.

Nitro Extra Strong – comes in a 10ml bottle carrying a very bright and catching orange label. Be one of the first people to try the new Nitro aroma with our special introduction price.

O-Juice aroma – comes in a 22ml bottle with another bright yellow label.

These two new aromas will prove to be a big hit like the other aromas on offer from the same manufacturer. Don’t miss out.

We have also just received 2 more new aroma brands from one of our international suppliers.

We can confirm that we will shortly be adding both brands to our website. By doing so we are welcoming back an age olf classic GAZ and a new aromas called SLEEK.

Keep reading our blog and check out our facebook page for the latest product news and discounts.

This week we have several new aromas arriving including the extra strong formula of Jungle Juice Black.

The jungle juice range of room aromas have long been at the front of the queue for popularity. This very famous room aroma has always been one of the best sellers. When Jungle Juice announced the new Jungle Juice Black extra strength formula there was an air of excitement around.

This week we have taken delivery of the new jjb and will shortly be dispatching any orders placed over the last few days.

Jungle Juice black comes in a super sized 30ml bottle to match it’s super strength.

Follow this link if you have a mobile device and would like to check out Jungle juice black.

It’s our pleasure to inform you that the KinK extra strong room aromas are now back in stock and available to purchase.

This is one of our most popular brands, hence selling out of this product. Rest assured we now have plenty in stock.

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A1 poppers is pleased to announce that we have added some of the new sex toys manufactured by the award winning Screaming O.

Screaming O have been producing a budget range of award winning adult products now for a number of years. First came the Screaming O vibrating cock ring, closely followed by some upgrades making this product thicker and better, this is called the screaming O plus.

But screaming O are not just recognised for there range of vibrating cock rings, They have been working on a number of other products and as a result we now have the O honey and the Ling-O.

O Honey
Made from soft silicone gel the o-honey is made up of small bobbly sensations for clitoral stimulation. Hold the O Honey with one finger keeping it in contact with the labia. This is made for solo use or for couples so you or your partner will soon be screaming O honey!

Feel the sensations of screaming O’s first vibrating tongue ring. Add a bit of extra excitement in the bedroom and to your oral sex. Long lasting up to 40 minutes the Ling O gives off powerful vibrations and will fit any size or shape tongue. For use by him or her.


Well as per usual we have been neglecting our poppers blog. It’s been over four weeks since we last posted any news. This is why we encourage anyone that reads this blog to stay updated by signing up to our newsletters. The A1 poppers newsletters are sent out via email every 1-2 weeks and contains all the latest news. Here’s a great example of why you should sign up to the newsletter.

Two months ago we launched a new promotion each month with promotion offer codes. The month of September has a offer code that can be used for saving money on your orders throughout the month. There is now only 1 week left to use Septembers discount code (SEPT12) before it expires. We gave all subscribers to our email this code at the start of September. By signing up you will always be the first to hear about our latest offers and any new products.

So how do you sign up? Simples ūüėČ Visit our website www.a1poppers.co.uk and on the bottom of the page on the left hand side is a box where you can enter your email address to sign up.


Well it’s been a couple of weeks since our last post in the A1 Poppers Blog and during this time we have seen some exciting new products added to our website and also the launch of a new discount code giving our loyal customers an extra 10% discount on any orders placed.

New Products

We now have the best selling Jungle Juice Platinum available in a huge 30ml bottle. ¬†Along with the Jungle Juice 30ml we’ve added an old favourite that hasn’t been around for a long time. I’m sure as we all do, you will welcome back the phuck room aromas.

Another new 30ml bottle and a first to the UK is a very popular brand in the USA. The new Rochefort 30ml strong aromas are in limited supply as we are unsure if we will continue this brand in the long term.

Another new 10ml room aroma added to our growing range of room aromas is the super strong Super REDS.

Along with our new products we also have some old favourites that are now back in stock. These include the very popular Taiwan Blue. Available in a bigger 15ml bottle.


Discount code

We have recently launched a promotion to help push our facebook page. In turn for helping us promote our website we will be releasing a new discount code and posting this on our facebook page each month. This month there is a 10% discount for anyone clicking on the “like” button on our fan page.



A1 Updates

Oh Boy, has it really been 6 weeks since our last post on the Poppers Blog?

Apologies if you have been checking our blog waiting for posts and the latest news… The best way to stay in touch with all the latest news is by signing up to our newsletter. It is sent out via email approximately every 2 weeks and contains all the important information about dates for new products and latest news.

So onto the blog and below is all of the news and information/updates you need to know about that have happened over the last few weeks..

Important information

First I would like to start with an apology.  Sometime on Friday 3rd August (evening) until 6th August we experienced a problem with our the dedicated server.  The anti virus software on our server did not update properly and as a result we have an error showing on the website to all visitors suggesting there was a virus.

During this period you may have been prompted by your anti virus software to stop browsing our website.  The issue has now been fully resolved and everything is back to normal. I would like to re-assure all customers that our website was not hacked in any way or shape and no access was gained to our database or customer information. This was purely a issue with our anti virus software.

New Products – Male Virility

We have recently added a new section to our website containing many of the best selling male virility supplements.  From the best selling delay spray to help stop premature ejaculation.

We have also added the new instant male virility. A fast working instant supplement placed under the tongue. This new product dissolves quickly and acts fast. This new virility product comes in boxes of 10 and are an alternative to Viagra. V-XL instant virility will help you get a rock solid erection.

Would you like to perform like a porn star? Want to increase your semen levels to blast your partner like they do in the movies? Then let the new provimax volume pill do the hard work for you. Many male porn stars rely on our provimax volume to see them through the day. Provimax volume ensures there is enough semen to have you climaxing over and over with full loads every time.

Sizepro pills, one of the new pills imported from the USA that will increase your penis size by using a method of penis enlargement instructions. The SizePro pills assist the growth by increasing blood flow to as and when needed. Increase your size in length and girth with Sizepro pills.

Need a boost? Check out our male virility tablets. Our lowest priced yet highest potency male virility pill imported direct from the USA will give you the edge and confidence for any sexual encounter.


DV8 Room aromas.

We recently added the new DV8 extra strong room aroma to our website and within a few days this product was sold out. We are currently waiting for new stock to arrive. We expect this to be by the end of this week, 9 or 10th August.

We also have a new shipment arriving sometime this week that contains some of our best selling products including Amsterdam special, Jungle Juice plus, Taiwan blue and many more…

We also have some new brands arriving so watch our website for the latest product!

Well we’ve been pretty quiet since our last blog post. This is mainly down to short staff again in our warehouse. This was the root cause of our 4pm cut off time for same day dispatch being put forward to 2.30 daily for the last few weeks. I am now pleased to announce that this has returned back to 4pm now.

As well as this fabulous news I also have more news on a new product about to hit the UK.

For many years now the UK legal room aromas haven’t been living up to the reputation of the original strong poppers from back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. With the ingredients changing due to the do gooders at the MHRA we have seen the sales of room aromas dropping whilst the demand for stronger products to be more readily available has increased.

Over the last 6 months A1 poppers is the only UK seller to have taken on board a new product range manufactured in Canada. This new range features  a ingredient legal in the UK and is currently stronger than any other product on sale in the UK at present. That is until now!!

Due to customer demand a European distributor has been developing a new extra strong aroma that is legal in the UK. This new product called Platinum extra strong room aroma is set to be released on 24 June 2012.  We at A1 Poppers are proud to be one of the first retailers to acknowledge this and are currently taking pre orders for this new super strength room aroma.

Platinum extra strong

If you would like to try this new extra strong product then place your orders online today. Pre order your platinum strong aroma here.