Prostate Massagers

Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation. There are many toys available, vibrating and non vibrating.

The Prostate Gland is also known as the Male G-Spot, by stimulating the prostate gland you can easily achieve orgasm a lot quicker. The prostate gland can be reached by anal intercourse or by using anal sex toys like the Rude Boy.

In recent years prostate massages have become increasingly popular not only with single men but with couples, men experience much higher levels of pleasure when the prostate gland is penetrated.

Some people prefer to use the easiest and cheapest method of stimulating the gland, “The Finger”.  Although the finger can be a popular method using the finger also has downsides. Obviously to massage the prostate gland you need to access the rectum through the anus. The lining can easily be damaged by nails. Also, because of the bacteria found in the rectum infections can easily be passed if there are any cuts / wounds on the fingers. Cleaning of the hands and fingers is very important, it’s harder to clean your fingers and under nails etc than it is to clean sex toys.

When using a sex toy for prostate massage it is advised to wear condoms. All toys should be cleaned after use but, ensure extra care and cleaning is taken when using any anal sex toys without condoms.

And lastly, whichever method you use, finger or anal sex toy, You will need to make sure you have plenty of personal lubricant. Remember, always use water based lube when using sex toys, silicone based lube can be used when using fingers and intercourse.

Keep checking back, we will shortly be writing some more information on lubricants. There are lots of different types of lubes but do you know the difference? Water based, Silicone based, hot, cold, flavoured..

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