From the makers of Titus and Xtreme aromas comes two brand new room aromas.

Nitro Extra Strong – comes in a 10ml bottle carrying a very bright and catching orange label. Be one of the first people to try the new Nitro aroma with our special introduction price.

O-Juice aroma – comes in a 22ml bottle with another bright yellow label.

These two new aromas will prove to be a big hit like the other aromas on offer from the same manufacturer. Don’t miss out.

We have also just received 2 more new aroma brands from one of our international suppliers.

We can confirm that we will shortly be adding both brands to our website. By doing so we are welcoming back an age olf classic GAZ and a new aromas called SLEEK.

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Well as per usual we have been neglecting our poppers blog. It’s been over four weeks since we last posted any news. This is why we encourage anyone that reads this blog to stay updated by signing up to our newsletters. The A1 poppers newsletters are sent out via email every 1-2 weeks and contains all the latest news. Here’s a great example of why you should sign up to the newsletter.

Two months ago we launched a new promotion each month with promotion offer codes. The month of September has a offer code that can be used for saving money on your orders throughout the month. There is now only 1 week left to use Septembers discount code (SEPT12) before it expires. We gave all subscribers to our email this code at the start of September. By signing up you will always be the first to hear about our latest offers and any new products.

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We have today added an additional 5 new brands of poppers to our website.

By adding more products we are cementing our position as the UK’s best selection of poppers available. We now have nearly 50 different brands of poppers varying in size from 8ml to 25ml bottles.

Today the 5 new brands were all added to our 13ml bottle section.

In addition to the new brands we have also put together some new packs of the most popular poppers and added them to the website.

This should save time picking and selecting one at a time and ultimately save you money at the same time.


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