Wow.. This is a blast from the past!.. Writing a post on this new blog seems very strange but we have decided we might as well start using this new blog again to post extra special news and press releases.

So what’s so special about today? The Black Friday Feeling is special… so special we have no released a special offer code giving our friends and customers up to 20% discount on any order placed over this weekend.

The offer ends on 1st December.

Don’t miss out… Order today.. See web site for details…. Poppers.

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If you fancy getting yourself money off your purchases then check this out…

A1 poppers have launched there May discount code.


Check out the range of products at


We have now launched our website for UK customers. Please do not order from A1 Poppers if you are in the UK. We have removed the option of UK delivery from our system.

You won’t be disappointed with our new UK website. Visit:  Room Aromas.

As part of our launch promotions we are offering several discounts throughout the month of December.

Enter the discount code : RA12 for a 15% discount off all orders with no minimum spend. Want more? Enter the offer code XMAS12 for any order over £25 and you will receive a 25% discount off your entire order.

These launch offers are running though out the month of December and can be used multiple times.




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Due to problems arising from the use of the phrase “poppers” many websites in the UK are being forced to remove the word or term poppers from there websites. This includes any domain names, i.e.

As a result we will shortly be moving many of the products from this website and launching a brand new website called Room Aromas.

The A1 Poppers web site will still remain active for customers outside of the UK.

All UK customers will be directed to our new website. We are currently working on our new website. Watch this space!

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We have recently added two new products to our ever increasing product range.

The new products come in a 10 and 12ml bottle and will only be in stock for a short period as a trial.

First up is the SLEEK aroma, available in a 10ml bottle this is the first time A1 have stocked the product. Introductory price of just £6, that’s a 25% saving.

The second aroma will be known to many of you as it is welcomed back for the first time in many years. Available in a 12ml bottle. The unmissable GAZ aroma.

This month you can also get an extra 8% discount by visiting our poppers facebook page. Click on the like button and share our page.

Exclusive discounts are available to our facebook and twitter followers.

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The popular aroma Blue Boy is now available from A1 Poppers.

Along with many other new products Blue boy is now available and is also on special offer including our most popular buy 4 pay for 3 offer. This means for every 4 items you add to your shopping cart the cost of the cheapest product will automatically be deducted from your total.

Blue Boy poppers

Blue Boy poppers

It may be important to note that many of our new strong new products that have been added over the last few weeks are currently going through a transition. This means these new products will all be getting new labels and new packaging. Please bear this in mind when you are placing order. The bottles may differ in design, the important thing to note is the content of the bottle are all the same. It is just the labels that will be changing. As soon as all of the labels have been updated we will be updating the images on our website. Eagle eyed customers will have already noticed the new labels on the Jungle Juice platinum , Plus, nitro and Amsterdam 30ml bottles have already been updated.

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Previously sold out products now back in stock include the popular Blue Boy, Jungle Juice Platinum, Nitro, RUSH, Manscent, Jungle Juice Plus.

Limited stock and new products to be added over the next few days will include, Eagle, Taiwan Blue, Hardware, Quicksilver, KIX.

The best way to stay updated with the latest A1 Poppers news is to join up to our email newsletter. These are sent out every couple of weeks and contain lots of latest news and information.


As many of you are aware the product Nitro Supra sold out within several days of launching it on our website.

We also sold out of several other products including the Jungle Juice Plus, Jungle Juice platinum and blue boy.

Well great news…. This week, (estimated wednesday) we are expecting a new delivery of Nitro Supra,and also we have ordered several other brands of poppers.

Please check out our website and stay tuned over the next few weeks as more new products continue to be added to our website.

Many thanks to everyone that has been along to our review partner, Trust Pilot and left a review for us.

As off 14 November, so far we have had 30 reviews and are currently rated in position 3 out of 45 in the Sex Toys category on the review website.

As we strive to achieve higher rankings and endeavour to increase the reviews will shortly be introducing a new incentive scheme where we will be giving away a free bottle of poppers for every review we receive.

That’s right, a free bottle of room aromas for every review left for us on the trust pilot website.

How will this work?

Each time you place an order on the A1 poppers website you are emailed a second email containing information on how to leave a review for us.  Simply visit the trust pilot website and leave your review. Once you have left the review we request that you inform us using the contact button on our website. Once we have confirmed your review we will in return issue you with a offer code that can be redeemed on our website giving a discount of £5.00

You can then use this code to give you a discount of £5 off any orders placed on the A1 poppers website.


Well it’s almost over so you need to be quick to take advantage of this weeks 5% discount offer.

Last week we reduced every single price on our website A1 Poppers by 5%. We still left in place the


This amazing offer has been running since last Sunday, all offers run for just 7 days. This Sunday at Midnight we will be increasing all of our prices again by 5% and introducing a brand new offer of the week.

We are also toying with the idea of changing our offer of the week to just Offers! and leaving the offers to run for up to 3 weeks before changing them. This is based on customer feedback as some customers have missed out on certain offers due to holidays etc and have been unable to place orders and take advantage of our fantastic poppers offers.

Feedback is important to us so next weeks newsletter sent out by email will contain a link to a short survey or poll requesting 2 minutes or 30 seconds of your time to let us know what you would prefer.

Keep checking back for more poppers news. We have the cheapest Liquid gold, RUSH aromas, Titus, uranium, Jolt, Amsterdam xxx poppers and many more.