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A1 Poppers have now launched their April Discount Codes with unlimited uses per customer.

Code: APRA10

Check out the great ranges of products at A1poppers.co.uk including sex toys, lubricants and much more!

A1 Poppers is not available for UK customers. If you do live in the UK then please check out Room-Aromas.co.uk



Voltage Aromas

Voltage Aromas

You cant get cheaper than a voltage aroma!!.. Check out our new Voltage Aromas 3 Pack.

Amazing £9 for 3 bottles of aromas. It makes you wonder just how we can sell these aromas so cheaply!.. this is wholesale prices for some of our aromas!!..

Erotica 2011

World Niche Products is proud to announce we will be exhibiting at this years Erotica 2011 for the first time.

We are busy preparing for the show. Our stand location is B34. You are welcome to come and see visit our stand but please don’t expect to see to many aromas on show as we are mainly selling a range of Lingerie, dancewear and sex toys.

World Niche have recently purchased the domains for that sex shop and Lap Dancing clothes. Although both websites are currently up and taking orders we will be re-designing them and re-launching them at the Erotica 2011 show.

As we prepare for the UK’s biggest and only yearly show we can give you a sneak preview at our new banners that have arrived for the show.

Erotica Banners

For many years women have always been very open with each other about sex toys and the use of them. They’d frequently discuss how many toys they own, where they purchased them from, what it does and exactly how good it is. They would recommend sex toys and back in the early days all the talk focussed around the number one selling Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers.

Sex toy and Lingerie parties hosted by Ann Summers let women explore the different products, discuss sextoys and generally share experiences with sex toys. It seems to be widely accepted that the majority of women own a sex toy of some kind and it is not even thought of that a man could own a sex toy, … or is it?

Times change, life changes and over the last few years sex toys for men have become very popular, gone are the days of a small selection of penis pumps and creams but a whole new selection of sex toys including anal & prostate massager’s are now available for men.

The most popular sextoys for men are not limited to but include the following sex toys:

  • Personal Masturbators
  • Masturbation Creams
  • Anal Sex toys
  • Prostate Massager’s
  • Personal Lubricants

Over the next few weeks A1 Poppers are going to be posting reviews and information relating to male sex toys. In-depth reviews of certain products available from the above categories including tips and advice on how to get the best from your sex toys.

We are starting with Personal Masturbators.

Personal Masturbators.