UK’s lowest price poppers

Ever been looking for a product and found what you think is a very good price, only to find the price has been deliberately made to look cheap by removing any VAT or postage charges?

How annoying is that!!!  99% of the time, once you have worked out the real cost including VAT and postage it’s more likely that the “cheap price” you have found isn’t actually that cheap but more expensive than most other sellers.

That’s why we have introduced our “good, low, honest pricing”  The price you see is the price you pay.

Nobody likes nasty surprises when they get to the till, neither do we. That’s why we introduced our pricing structure. Our prices include postage and any VAT if applicable.

Heres a great example..

One of our competitors are advertising liquid gold at a very low price of just £2.90!!!! That’s ridiculous but lets take a closer look at how misleading this really is.

Totp Price

  1. Liquid Gold: £2.90
  2. Postage: £1.80
  3. VAT: £0.94
  4. Total: £5.64

A1 Poppers Price

  1. Liquid Gold poppers: £4.99
  2. Postage: included
  3. VAT: na
  4. Total: £4.99

Don’t forget, we also offer a buy 3 get 1 free! Simply add 4 items to your shopping cart and we will give you the cheapest item FREE.

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