Poppers is the street name for Room odorisers / room aromas when they are being misused.

Room aromas are sold as an aphrodisiac, the intended and sold solely for this use. Other websites sell similar products and class them as Leather cleaner.

I have seen many posts and information over the years referring to the slang or street names for poppers as  TNT, Liquid Gold, rush, these are not real street names for poppers, Poppers is the street name / slang for the nitrite based products, the other names above have just been made up in an attempt to market the products and make them products more popular.

How to use Room Aromas:

Room aromas are an aphrodisiac, the best way to use them is to remove the top of the bottle and leave the bottle open in a room with good ventilation. The aromas from the bottle will be released into the air. The scent and odour given off will act as an aphrodisiac.

But your website is called A1 Poppers?

Although these products are room aromas we realise that the vast majority of  people searching for these products will be searching for the keywords including poppers.  Use the name A1 Poppers purely for marketing and promotion of the website.  We only sell room aromas to be used as aromas, we do not condone or sell these products if you intend to misuse them.

Inhaling them directly from the bottle is very dangerous and can cause death.


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