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ID Moments

ID Moments

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NEW ID Moments has been carefully created as the gentlest of all personal lubricants. The essence of purity, it is sensually smooth with the delicious scent of fresh green apples. Designed with women in mind, ID Moments is ideal for sensitive skin and those who are allergic to glycerine or paraben. But donít you miss out, everyone will enjoy its delicate, ultra-mild and hypoallergenic formulation. The magic of ID Moments is that because of the specially developed formula it doesnít dry out rapidly like other glycerine free lubes and, just like all IDís water based products, it can be reactivated with a quick lick or spritz of water.

Is ID Moments safe to use when pregnant?
Yes, ID Moments is our most gentle lubricant. Being hypoallergenic it can be used worry free when pregnant.

ID Moments is scented with sweet apple, does it have the same taste?
No, ID Moments has been designed to be as pure as possible meaning it is unflavoured. If you are looking for a flavoured lubricant ID Juicy Lubes are what you need.

Is it easy to wash off ID Moments?
ID Moments is water based, therefore washes off when required with water or a damp cloth.

Who should use ID Moments?
ID Moments can be used by any one wanting to try a personal lubricant. It is a first class water based lubricant with a beautiful apple scent. First time lubricant users may prefer to start by using ID Moments because of its gentle formula, also anybody who finds ordinary water based lubricants can cause irritation are recommended to use ID Moments.

Paraben and Glycerine Free

Bottle size: 2.7oz / 80g / 77ml

Weight: 96g

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