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ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure

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This sensual lubricant combines the natural sensation enhancing ingredients Ginko, Bilboa, Red Clover and Menthol with ID Glide’s premium formula, to create a sensually smooth way to increase ecstasy. The combination of natural herbs in ID Pleasure increases blood flow to the areas it is applied, providing men a firmer feeling erection and women with an exquisite tingling sensation.ID Pleasure, like ID Glide is a water based lubricant meaning that is non sticky, non staining and ultra long lasting. The carefully selected combination of ingredients produces a silky smooth feel which helps escalate your arousal to new heights.

Can I use ID Pleasure with condoms?
Yes, ID Pleasure is a water based condom friendly lubricant.

Can I use ID Pleasure with my sex toys?
ID Pleasure is safe for use with all sex toys.

What makes ID Pleasure work?
The ingredients Ginko, Bilboa, Red Clover and Menthol are all natural sensation enhancing ingredients which increase blood flow to the areas it is applied.

How long will the effects of ID Pleasure last?
ID Pleasure is an ultra long lasting lubricant, therefore the sensation it creates will last as long as the lubricant is on the applied area. Once ID Pleasure has eventually absorbed into the skin, a quick lick or spritz of water and it reactivates its self.

Bottle size: 4.1oz / 117ml

Weight: 131g

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