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Andro penis extender

Andro penis extender

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About the Andro Gold Edition Enlargement Device

With the Andro Gold Edition, market leader, Andro Medical, has developed a ground-breaking penis enhancement product. Not only is Andro Gold Edition capable of permanently improving penile look and function it can also reduce penile curvature.

The Andro Gold Edition is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and holds the European Health Certification Mark (CE) giving you assurances of its quality and performance. Testing shows that correct use of the Andro Gold Edition will not have any side effects either short or long term.

Researchers say that regular use of the device can will improve the penis if the device is used between 6-9 hours a day over a period between 6-9 months.

How the Andro Gold Edition works

Like all extenders on the market, Andro Gold Edition exploits the principle of traction to help the body form new tissue to expand the length and girth of the penis. Andro Gold Edition holds the penis in an elongated state, securing the tip of the penis in a comfortable strap, which over time will force your body into growing more tissue to grow into its newly elongated state.

This tried and tested method of growing tissue has been used for hundreds of years in tribal body modification – growing body parts like the penis, extending lips, earlobes and even elongating the neck – it is even used in modern medicine to help elongate and repair body parts other than the penis.

he construction of Andro Gold Edition also holds the penis in a particular way so that when growth does occur it does so in a way that straightens the penis – therefore correcting any pre-existing curvature that may have previously been evident in either the erect or flaccid state.

The Key Benefits of the Andro Gold Edition
Andro Gold Edition is a medically classified penis extension device that has been designed to lengthen, thicken the penis and correct penile curvature.

Side Effects
Please read the instruction manual properly for directions on how to use your device. If you experience a problem when using the device, it is recommended you consult a medical professional

The Andro penis extender is made from Nickel covered with a layer of 24 carat gold, silicone.

Classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and stamped with CE approval, Andro Gold Edition is leading the pack in clinical excellence in the field of extenders.

Certified medical device
Backed by leading urologists
Can reduce penile curvature
Effective penis enhancement

Featuring cutting-edge penis-enhancement technology, the Andro Gold Edition delivers lasting results.

For maximium results all penis extenders should be worn between 4-9 hours a day, the device gives gradual traction to the penis, leaving you with a permanent improvements. Andro Gold Edition can also reduce penile curvature – known as Peyronie’s disease.

Weight: 325g

Same day dispatch

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